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Property Management Services

Zivkovic & Associates has been managing properties for many years and our goal as property managers is to run our client’s properties to the extent that their only involvement with their property is to receive a rental revenue check and a monthly income statement each month.

Unlike most property management firms, we charge no markup on services charged by vendors that service properties under our management.

Our customers are also able to take advantage of discounted pricing afforded to us as a volume buyer of property related services. Our premium property management services include:

Tenant Customer Service and Issue Resolution

There is a strong relationship between rental property profitability and the retention of responsible tenants. We minimize tenant turnover and its resulting leasing and vacancy expense by developing strong landlord tenant relationships based on expeditious response to tenant concerns and customer service.

Leasing Units and Processing Evictions

Our management fee is based on rental revenue actually received (not gross rent roll) so, we have a personal incentive to make sure your units are always rented at the highest rent the market will bear and that rent collection is aggressively pursued.

We periodically conduct rental market analysis to ensure your units are always rented at or above market.

We operate on a strict policy that rent is due on the 1st and eviction notices go out between the 5th-7th of the month. This policy actually minimizes the necessity to carry the eviction process to its conclusion as tenants tend to prioritize the payment of their rent over other financial obligations once they understand how strictly we enforce our delinquent rent policies.

When it is necessary to completely follow through on an eviction action, we manage every step of the process, including hiring a lawyer if necessary to represent our clients in court.

We take all necessary steps to ensure whenever a tenant is leaving due to either lease expiration or eviction that the unit is aggressively advertised to minimize lost revenue due to vacancy.

Property Maintenance and Improvements

We hire contractors to perform all necessary property maintenance and make recommendations to clients on making improvements to the properties when we feel doing so will enable them to raise their rents and increase the return on their investment.

Bill Payment, Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

At no extra cost, we provide our clients a monthly income statement detailing their properties’ performance for the month. These reports, along with profit checks, are sent out between the 10th and 15th day of each month, reflecting all previous month’s activities regarding the property on a cash basis.

We scrutinize bills for accuracy and handle the resolution of billing discrepancies.

We also do an annual expense audit for our clients and look for ways to minimize expenses and where appropriate put services out for competitive bid.

Our books are professionally kept and at year’s end we deliver a financial statement for the year to our clients’ tax filing needs upon request.

Client Endorsements

Ashley offers a very professional property management service. When we first hired her, it took 3 days to find a good renter. When they moved out for family reasons, 2 days until the next tenant was found. During the transition, 41 photos of the property were sent to us to document the property, unlike the typical phone call.

I’ve honestly never had someone provide a service like this, zero complaints.

Ben S. – Property Owner

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