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Hurricane Preparedness

As we prepare this week for potential hurricane winds and storm surge here is some information we wanted to share.  Heed warnings to evacuate and protect your belongings.  One of the great things about hurricanes is that we have plenty of warning and lead time.  Prepare now before the shelves are bare and hotel rooms are gone.  

The basic philosophy to keep in mind as you make decisions this week is that this is your home, it houses your family and your possessions.  Make decisions ahead of time to keep your family and yourself safe. You are the responsible party.  After a storm hits you will not have help for some period of time.  Roofers will be busy, police and firefighters will be busy, and non-emergency personnel, including your property manager, will not be able to travel the roads.  Flooding may be present. You will be on your own. 

Make sure you have renters insurance as the owner’s insurance will only cover the structure, not personal belongings.  Insurance can not be attained after a storm is in the area or we are in ‘the box’ an area of potential landfall.  It will have to be purchased ahead of time.  Remove all personal belongings from the yard and porch.  Loose items, no matter how big, can become projectiles during high wind and increase the chance of broken windows or injury.   You should put up any hurricane panels that your unit might have come up with.  You are welcome to install plywood over windows as well should your home not have them supplied.  It will help protect you and your belongings.  Repairs will not be immediate after the storm for reasons mentioned above.  

There are many resources for tips on what should be in your hurricane kit and what are the main personal items you should take with you.  Take precautions now as it is better to be prepared even if the storm misses us than wish you had prepared and risk injury.  Also, keep in mind if you don’t plan accordingly it does not becomes someone else’s emergency.  

Thank you,

Rob Zivkovic



Hurricane Safety Checklists